Kris Kegley, AKA KEG began his career playing shows and acting in indie films.

At 18, KEG played The Vans Warped Tour.

KEG's wild, dangerous, unpredictable live show is one of a kind. Each night, KEG sings and plays at least five different instruments LIVE, performs a different set, AND pulls off amazing stunts all while constantly driving his audience wild from start to the climatic finish.

KEG’s one-of-a-kind show caught the attention of NBC’s America’s Got Talent. KEG appeared on AGT to an estimated 20 million viewers. A fan favorite that season, NBC brought KEG back to appear on the subsequent Season Finale.

The AGT appearance paved the way for KEG to play shows around the globe, including appearances on The Henry Rollins Show, Cookalong With Gordon Ramsey, SXSW, Sirius’ Rancid Radio, Kansas City Crossroads Music Festival, Seattle Weekly REVERB Fest, Freemont Festival, The Finger Of God, Block Party and Microsoft Techready.

KEG has shared the stage with Flogging Molly, Bad Religion, Lars Frederiksen And The Bastards, Wednesday 13, Trashlight Vision, MDC, Schoolyard Heroes, ZEEROK (Red Elvises), Tony Whiting (Dee Dee Ramone) Jet City Fix, Space Cretins, Megasapien, and Branden Daniel

KEG’s been covered in USA Today, TV Guide, TV Squad, Seattle Weekly, The Stranger, Portland Mercury, Reviewer Magazine San Diego, Seattle Sound Magazine, Seattle Sinner,,, Punk Globe Magazine, Truth Explosion Toronto, Northwest Music Blog, SlamRocks Itlay, and Scissor Socket Shocker Zine Fort Worth.

KEG has performed all over the US, Canada, Mexico, The Caribbean, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia.


Time Is Up (2003)

Mountain (2005)

Creatures Of The Night (2005)

Audio Adrenaline (2007)

Anniversary Of Brutality (2007)

Shitfaced Radio (Host 2006-2008)

Lone Ranger Live (2007)

The Lone Ranger Of Rock (2009)

"By far the BEST Rock-Kicks we've seen the whole tour."

-NBC's RockStar SuperNova Producers

"Do they call you The Lone Ranger Of Rock because no one wants to play with you?"

-Piers Morgan, Judge, NBC's America's Got Talent

"With his long hair, black denim jeans, black denim vest, and bandanas tied around his biceps, KEG could easily pass for Bret Michaels of Poison. He takes the stage as a natural born entertainer."

-Seattle Weekly

"KEG is a One-Man Hair Metal Show that performs EVERYTHING live. He does an excellent rendition of T. Rex's 20th Century Boy."

-The Stranger

"Meet the One-Man Metal Force that IS KEG: The Lone Ranger Of Rock."

-Seattle Sound Magazine

"He was the guy doing all of the promotion for the show."

-Dana, Owner and Talent Buyer, El Corazon, Seattle, WA

"KEG can come back and play here ANYTIME."

-Looney, Talent Buyer, Headhunters, Austin, TX

"KEG is quite the rock n' roll spectacle."

-Jolene, Disc Jockey, KISW, 99.9FM The Rock Of Seattle 

"In the tiny 1/2 hour set that he played KEG pulled out every quintessential rocker move imaginable. "

-NorthWest Music Blog

"KEG has always had the ability to turn a shit sandwich into a masterpiece."

-Jared, CEO, Red Dragon Booking

"I'm lovin' KEG's material."

-Shadoe Stevens, Program Director, Cabo Wabo Radio

"KEG is my Ace In The Hole."

-GG Chaos, CEO, Local Chaos Productions

"I'm really enjoying KEG's album. I look forward to listening to it again soon."


"KEG puts the audience in a suspension of disbelief."

-Phil, Nada Surf, Tennis Pro

"A Bad-Ass Rock N Roll Machine."

-The Jet City Fix

“If the internet was a bucket with everyone collectively puking in it, KEG would be that chunk in the bottom”

- Liptak Solutions










9(C) KEG