Woo! I am feelin' the love this month!

Thank you all for coming out to my recent shows! KEG is an audience-participation show and without you guys coming and giving me your all, these shows wouldn't have been HALF the fun that they were!

Thank you!

Thank you to F Bomb Zine and Weekly Volcano!

These two HOT Tacoma mags feature KEG this month!

I'm on the cover of F-Bomb Zine and I got a nice write-up in The Weekly Volcano!

Thank you!

The rumors are TRUE!

New KEG music is coming February 1st from my upcoming album "The Master Of Disaster!"

I can't wait for you to hear it!

Only TWO MORE KEG Shows this year:

12/23/10: The Tiger Lounge (XMas Show)


12/30/10: The 2 Bit Saloon w/ Die As Dream!

Hope to see you!

Happy Holidays and Cheers to 2011!

*KEG*: The Lone Ranger Of Rock

PS: Check out my latest posting, "5 Tips To Make Your Next Tour A SMASHING Success" on


KEG Month!!!

Check out the upcoming KEG Shows for December:

12/2/10: Benefit For The Band Van @ Funhouse, Seattle, WA

12/3/10: w/ Blue Ribbon Boys and Creem City @ Motor, Seattle, WA

12/6/10: Benefit For Union Gospel Mission @ Little Red Hen, Seattle, WA

12/18/10: w/ Dirty Hollywood (Motley Crue Tribute) @ Hell's Kitchen, Tacoma, WA

12/23/10: Christmas Show @ Tiger Lounge, Seattle, WA

12/30/10: New Year's Show w/ Die As Drear @ 2 Bit Saloon, Seattle, WA

And be sure to pick up a copy of this month's F-Bomb Magazine featuring KEG on the cover!!!


KEG Shares His Promotion Secrets...

KEG has launched an all-new site, where he will share the music marketing and promotion strategies that have worked the best for him, as well as discuss music promotion with fellow artists. Check it out:


More KEG Shows, New Album, and More!!!

Hey Everybody!

Thanks for the continuing support! It means the world to me!

I have some exciting news for you...

I have a new album coming out!

Wait! There's more...

I was just recently interviewed by Tacoma's FBomb Zine, I'll be in the next issue.

In the next issue of F Bomb Zine, there will be some exclusive news about my new album!

Be sure to pick up a copy of the next F Bomb Zine. It should be coming out in the next two weeks.

I'll keep you posted!

You can currently pick up a copy of F Bomb Zine in Washington, Oregon, California, Texas, New York, and Florida!

Let me know if you want one and I'll get you a copy:

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to celebrate, I'll be rockin Hell's Kitchen in Tacoma THIS Wednesday, (11/10/10)! Let's rock!

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Bring Back The Rock!

*KEG*: The Lone Ranger Of Rock

Thanks to Tina at FBomb Zine


Do you have a unique talent? 

Can you sing, dance, juggle, or tell jokes? 

KEG: The Lone Ranger Of Rock is searching for Seattle's top talent! 

Gain exposure and get a chance to win a $100 cash prize at The KEG Show at The Funhouse July 13th! 

Perform your talent in front of KEG, guest celebrity judges The Badlands, and our audience for a chance to win a $100 cash prize, possible future bookings, or one of many other prizes! 

Hosted by America's Got Talent alum, KEG: The Lone Ranger Of Rock. 

Judged by The Badlands. 

Featuring live music sets by KEG, The Badlands, Crimewave, Waterbeds. 

Bring your unique talent to: 

The KEG Show 
Tuesday, July 13th 8:30pm (Signups begin at 8pm) 

The Funhouse 
206 5th Ave N. 
Seattle, WA 98121 
Bring your friends to cheer you on! 



KEG on The Henry Rollins Show!

Tune into The Henry Rollins Show broadcasting LIVE tonight on at 6pm PST!

Henry will be spinning a few of KEG's songs! 

Catch Henry Rollins on the Frequent Flyer Tour 2010:

Tune in tonight at 6pm!:

You Rock!


Upcoming KEG Shows:

6/27/10: BarFly Magazine Anniversary Show @ Mt. Tabor Theater, Portland, OR
7/11/10: T-Town Gong Show @ Malarkey's, Tacoma, WA
7/13/10: The KEG Show w/ Badlands @ The Funhouse, Seattle WA


Thank You Portland for such an AMAZING experience once again! KEG finally hit the sack at 2pm THE FOLLOWING DAY!

Go see Hot Gun!

Special Thanks: Jedidiah aka Diamond Tuck

The Lone Ranger Of Rock is currently in the studio. Catch KEG 6/6 At Malarkey's in Tacoma and 7/13 at The Funhouse in Seattle!

Check out KEG's kick-ass new SXSW footage!


Thank you SO much to all of the kick-ass KEGHEADS that showed their support on KEG's recent tour and recent DVD shoot! What a success! Thank you so much! KEG will return to the road soon!

The Lone Ranger Of Rock is currently in the studio bustin' out some new tracks!

Check out KEG's SXSW performance footage:

Don't miss KEG at The Malarkey's KEG Gong Show THIS Sunday 5/2!!!

Bring Back The Rock!

Special Thanks: Cobalt Cafe, Blue Cafe, Cat Club, Dessica, Ace, Dave, Greg, Johnny Cat, Dirk, The Lonely Drunks, Omar, Zak, Chuy Poluka, The Doll Hut, Suicide Romance, DWK, Baby,, The Aardvark, Stephanie, Yvonne, Joe, Midge, Back Beat Cafe, Headhunters, Warner Drive, Looney, Billy, Scott, Kiwi Productions, Soraia, Zombie's, Richie, Kass, Clayton, Bill's Records, Tim, Tammy, Extended Stay America, Tiger Lounge, Janet, Sherry, Cleo, Ben, Bob, Johnny Rae, Kate, John Popenoe, Thom Bone, Tina D., Becka, Malarkey's, Clark, The End Times, Blue Ribbon Boys, Creem City, Funhouse, Weekly Volcano, QMP, Dead Scene Celebrity, Lights From Space, James Hunnicutt, The Black Eyed Peas.


Bon Voyage! On the road again!

Here's a special treat...a sneak peak of KEG's 2010 America's Got Talent Audition!

After his unforgettable performance on last year's show, KEG took Piers Morgan's advice and formed a band to take another shot at winning this season of the biggest show of the summer!

Check it out here:

Special thanks to Elvis Christ from THE TRIPLE SIXES on guitar, Noodles from THE WRECKED CHORDS on bass, and Diamond Dan Rio from SLACKHABIT on drums!



"Thank you Winterland for rockin' out and breaking the rock-O-meter this weekend! It was awesome to see all of my friends!"


Catch KEG on his upcoming tour!!!

3/1/10-Report Lounge-Portland, OR

3/16/10-Winterland-Bremeton, WA

3/11/10-Cobalt Cafe-Canoga Park, CA

3/12/10-Blue Cafe-Huntington Beach, CA

3/13/10-Cat Club-West Hollywood, CA

3/14/10-Doll Hut-Anaheim, CA

3/17/10-The Aardvark-Fort Worth, TX

3/18/10-Back Beat Cafe-Dallas, TX

3/19/10-Headhunters-Austin, TX

3/19/10-Zombies-San Antonio, TX

3/20/10-Bill's Records-Dallas, TX

3/26/10-LIVE DVD Shoot @ Tiger Lounge-Seattle, WA

3/27/10-LIVE DVD Shoot @ Tiger Lounge-Seattle, WA


Message from KEG:

"Thank you Portland for the amazing time! You guys know how to put out last minute on a Monday night! I'm campaigning to call your awesome city "Sunset Strip Of The Northwest!" You guys are rock n roll to the bone and I love ya for it!"

KEG would like to thank The Jupiter Hotel, Diamond Tuck, Jen Lane and Barfly Magazine, Report Lounge, Kyle Lawrence, East Ender and the staff of AGT.

KEG recently rocked a fundraiser for legendary photographer Tina D's friend Derek.

KEG is currently helping HEART with their new live DVD shoot! Barracuda!

KEG will hit the road next week en route to SXSW! Catch him THIS SATURDAY 3/6/10 at Winterland in Bremerton!

Bring Back The Rock Baby!



KEG had a BLAST in The Big Easy!

KEG would like to thank all of the awesome New Orleanians who rocked with him Mardi Gras weekend!

Congratulations Saints!

TONIGHT KEG will rock Algona, WA with an AC/DC Tribute at Royal Bears! Let's rock!


Congratulations New Orleans Saints!


KEG will rock The Big Easy THIS weekend for Mardi Gras!

You've read that right, KEG will be rockin New Orleans this weekend!

New Orleans has a LOT to celebrate!

Check back on for KEG's set time!


Shh! KEG is the surprise guest drummer tonight for The Triple Sixes! Don't tell anyone. (Tell everyone!)

The Triple Sixes 9:30 TONIGHT at Tiger Lounge 412 S. Orcas St. Seattle

Tour Diary...

Day 1: Blast-off, Blizzards, Bowels, and Beatty:

The following is KEG's personal journal of the antics that took place on the recent tour:

If you've ever traveled anywhere with me before, you've probably encountered "KEG Time". "KEG Time" is the delay of time is takes when going somewhere with me. If I say we're leaving, let's say, at Noon, "KEG Time" dictates that we're actually leaving more around 2 or 3.

KEG Time struck us BIG this trip! Hollis' plane was delayed. She was already flying in the day we were set to leave. She didn't like the idea of getting picked up at the airport and immediately driving cross country (I don't know why) so we agreed that she could stop by her place and re-pack. She claimed that she would only need an hour to do this, but again, KEG Time takes into effect.

Before the plane was delayed, the plan was to leave at 6AM. The new plan was to leave at 1PM.

Do you know what time we actually left?



The funny thing about KEG Time is that even though you're leaving later, somehow your time ALWAYS gets filled up until time to go. Even though we left 13 hours later, I was working all the way up until time to leave.

There's nothing like leaving for a cross-country tour exhausted and un-showered. Oh well, touring is dirty, right? Touring is an adventure!

I was really excited about this tour because we were going to play with two good friends of mine, The Triple Sixes, from our own home town, and Suicide Romance from El Paso. The Triple Sixes feature members of Go Like Hell, Sorry And The Sinatras, Pleasure Elite, Witchburn, and The Jet City Fix. They kick ass. They're going to be the next punk force to come out of Seattle. Sucide Romance is keeping groove metal alive and well. They're awesome dudes and they're just as hardcore about music as me. I believe they have potential to be the next Pantera.

Triple Sixes' drummer, the great Dana Sims already had touring commitments to his other band, Witchburn, so I would be filling in on drums for The Sixes. We had been having  a blast with rehearsals, so we couldn't wait to finally test the finished product live. It was catchy, stripped down, scorching, and hard-hitting. It reminded me of the Misfits.

We were already kicking The Triple Sixes' ass on the drive to Vegas. They were still packing up and we were already well into the heart of Oregon. Elvis from The Sixes chose an alternate route that cut through Boise and Northern Nevada. It was supposed to be the fastest route to Vegas. I instead chose to stick to what I knew best: drive down I-5, then head East to Vegas via Bakersfield. I wanted to make sure that we missed snow and ice no matter what, and I thought by driving down I-5, we'd have smooth sailing.

That was until we got to Mt. Shasta.

"Why the hell is everyone stopping?!" I said.

We were making great time. It was ONLY a little bit of rain.

"You MUST have snow chains on your vehicle," The ODOT worker ordered.

"It's been dumping down in the mountain pass and it's going to continue ALL night."


What do we do?

I don't have snow chains. I don't know how to put them on. I have NO DESIRE to learn how to put them on. That's why we're touring SoCal and Vegas!

We'll go around it.

The easiest route to go around Mt. Shasta, with a highway that split off from Weed, California and headed East. The only problem was that this exit was 2 miles past the chain zone.  Scratch that.

What if we bought chains? Yeah! I could learn how to drive with chains! It couldn't be that hard! Let's do it! Let's blast through this! The only problem was that no one sold chains in Northern California at one in the morning.

KEG Time got us again.

We pulled over and slept for a few hours until the city woke up and the stores opened their doors. I immediately bolted to the nearest Les Schwab and got a crash course in chain installation. It was freezing outside. We couldn't wait to get to Vegas. 20 minutes and $80 later, we were ready to take on Mt. Shasta.

"I'm ready to kick your ass Mt. Shasta!" I said as we blasted to the pass. Wait. What's with all of these police cars?

"I-5 is closed." said the State Patrolman.

You're shitting me. We just waited patiently for four hours and spent eighty bucks on chains and now we don't even get to USE them?!

Stuck in the cold, we rushed to look for another route. The Triple Sixes called. They had breezed past Boise and were entering Northern Nevada.

"How's the weather been?" I asked.

"It's sunny and beautiful. We have our T-Shirts on. It's been easy." said Elvis.

Damnit! We're over here stuck in the freezing cold... This WASN'T supposed to happen! I've driven up and down the I-5 twice a year for the past 12 years and I've NEVER experienced this before!

We frantically searched for another option. It had seemed as if we just drove 13 hours for nothing. There was no easy way to cross over into Nevada. Roads were either closed or covered in three feet of snow.

"How about Highway 3?" I asked the State Patrolman.

"That's fine," he replied.

Our eyes lit up.

"If you don't mind driving with snow up to your waist."

This tour was turning into mission impossible and we hadn't even played our first show yet.

We had left two days early so we could hang out in Vegas the night before. That was clearly NOT happening. We soon waived goodbye to our hotel reservations and scorned the idea that we had just made Treasure Island an easy 70 bucks for not showing up.

Maybe we should head back while we still have time. Shit-can all of the progress we made and use The Triple Sixes' path. We could be back in Portland in 10 hours and head East to connect to sunny skies and dry highways.

"If you're gonna do that, drop me off in Portland. I'll fly and meet you there." said Hollis.

The thought of driving all the way back to Portland was disgusting. If I did that, I would have to then drive 19 straight hours down to Vegas without stopping, arriving at The Double Down Saloon two hours before I was scheduled to go on. It was quickly turning into an exhausting tour. 29 hours with no sleep, then double-shifting with my show and The Triple Sixes.

But I was doing what I loved. I was on tour. I was on an adventure. I was playing exciting new cities. Sometimes shit happens.

I was geared up and ready to shoot North until Hollis notified me of a different route.

"If we head East through Northern California, we can connect to Reno via Susanville," she said.

"Then from Reno we can head South and make it to Vegas."

Perfect. The trip was going to take about 13 hours. Much better than the 29 we were about bare from driving back to Portland. After a quick check of the weather reports, we were on our way.

Cameras and weather reports from CDOT told us that the roads were clear and we could make the cross to Susanville unscathed.

There wasn't SHIT on the way to Susanville. We were lucky we got something to eat North of Mt. Shasta. We were making good time on the two-lane highway until we got the phone call...

"Our transmission is out." said Elvis.

"We're 250 miles North of Vegas."

"Are you guys safe?" I asked.

It would be a good 10 hours AT LEAST before we were even close to them.

"Yeah, we have a tow truck coming, and there's a cool bar in this town. We're fine." Elvis replied.

What a relief. What a pain in the ass. Snow quickly started to dump down on our supposedly clear road.

"I'm going into a blizzard." I said

"One more thing." Elvis added.

"If we don't make it, you still have commitments to play. Go and ROCK your shows." he said.

The fun, care-free, adventurous, touring mood stopped. This can't be happening. They're going to miss the shows? The shows that we worked so hard on? The shows that we were so excited to play?

"Let's not jump to any conclusions just yet." I said.

I wanted to stay positive but I knew The Triple Sixes had a tough time ahead. Transmissions usually cost $1500 and they take a few days to fix. It didn't look good for them. It was beginning to sound like only KEG would be appearing at the shows. I soon had to let them go as a blizzard was on its way to greet me.

I don't know WHEN this road was supposedly clear....maybe it was LAST YEAR's weather report that we read?!

What I was experiencing was NOTHING like what we saw in the pictures. It began to DUMP snow on us all day and all night. The roads got more narrow and the snow got thicker. We soon threw our projected schedule out the window as we hugged snow-packed hills at 2 mph, pumping the brakes in hopes of preventing sliding off the mountain.

Turn after turn, hill after hill, we slowly crept through our alternate route bound for Susanville. This was my first time driving in snow. I was getting a hell of a lesson.

After hours of painfully slow, painfully careful driving. We finally reached Susanville.

A thriving, snow-packed town, Susanville had a lot going on. Cars rolled through the icy roads and businesses were open well after dark. This was not a sleeper town.

"Are the roads heading East really bad?" I asked the clerk at the gas station.

"What you just came through was the worst of it. It gets better as you head East." he replied.

What a relief. I quickly gained a second wind as I knew that I had successfully navigated the mountains and the snow. It was going to be smooth driving to Reno.

And smooth it was. We were only about an hour and a half away from Reno. Everything was falling inline, except for my stomach, who didn't get the memo.

It may have been cold outside, but a fire burned deep in my belly. It must've been the food we got when we left for Susanville, but I was HURTING!

After a punishing round in the truck stop bathroom (our FIRST truck stop in over 300 miles!) Hollis recommended a strict diet of saltines and water for me for the remainder of the trip. I did my best to drive in the fetal position.

We finally made it to Reno. What an awesome looking city. Much different than the small towns we had driven through the duration of the day. I hope to come back and rock Reno soon.

We had the bulk of the trip completed. The snow had cleared and were well on our way to making it to Vegas in six hours. If we drove non-stop, we could get to Vegas at Eight in the morning, sleep, and be ready in time to rock The Double Down later that night.

We blazed down the dark, barren road through the desert. It was pitch black. When driving on major freeways at night, you never realize how well-lit they are. There were NO lights out here. Just black. Nothing for miles. Most of the trip, we didn't see any other cars.

Darkness and exhaustion lead to weird results. The act of driving alone isn't a physically exhausting task, but sitting still in the darkness doing a mundane task like driving can make it tough to keep your eyes open. 

When its THAT dark outside, you have no depth perception, and after driving for 18 hours straight, you start to hallucinate. Mile markers turn into cars. Shadows turn into hitchhikers. Tumbleweeds turn into animals. And every time you pass a semi that's hauling ass going in the opposite direction, you're SURE that they're driving in your lane, speeding towards you.

"What the HELL are they doing?!" you think. "Get over in your lane!"

The fact is that they've been driving in their lane the whole time. You're just seeing things. Commercial truck drivers are some of the safest drivers in the world. But in the darkness of the desert, the brights just can't seem to get bright enough.

Two hours to go. I am fighting to keep my eyes open. This has been a pulverizing day. I pull into the small town of Beatty, Nevada.

Beatty is ran by ambitious businessman Ed Ringle. Ringle owns a casino, hotel, general store, gas station, and the famous Death Valley Candy And Nut Company. He is currently making way for a 400 room casino and resort, El Sueno, spanish for "The Dream", that Ringle hopes to put Beatty on the map as the Vegas alternative.

After perking up at Ed's World and learning about Mr. Ringle's accomplishments, (he bought out all of his competitors!) we hit the road in route for Vegas.

We MUST come back and see Beatty again. With a casino resort on the way, a ghost town, and hot springs, this town is sure to make a splash. Now we can say we knew it when. A unique town we would've never discovered if we hadn't taken the road less traveled...





KEG hits the road with The Triple Sixes Today!!!

The rumors are TRUE!

KEG WILL pull double-duty rocking his signature set AND playing drums for The Triple Sixes!

Come check out this tour and get a special treat! See KEG double-shifting!

As if KEG didn't already do ENOUGH stuff on stage, now he's playing drums for Triple Sixes as well! Sweet!

Rock it, Lone Ranger!

BUT we wouldn't let our local Seattle KEGAHOLICS go home empty-handed... is proud to announce KEG will fill in on the skins for The Triple Sixes:

1/29/10 at Tiger Lounge!!! Don't miss it!

Check back here for the latest updates on the KEG/Triple Sixes 2010 Tour!

A BIG Thanks to everyone who came and rocked and made MR. D's a SMASH HIT! Thank you!

KEG's looking forward to rockin' Mr. D's again soon!

Special Thanks: Muldoon, Monkey Hill, Mr. D.


The All-New Mr. D's opens TONIGHT with KEG kickin' it off! 1st and Lander near Starbuck's HQ. 10pm!


Take the ferry to Bremerton Saturday to catch KEG: The Lone Ranger Of Rock and Triple Sixes at Winterland!

Check out the new KEG/Space Cretins Video in the KEG TV Section:


Vote For KEG!

Happy New Year's, KEG-Aholics!

To kick off the new decade right, The Lone Ranger Of Rock already has a lot to share with you!

KEG recently recorded a video testimonial about one of his favorite books, The 4 Hour Work Week. Tim Ferriss, the author of the ground-breaking novel, has selected KEG's video as one of his top 12. Now YOU get to vote on YOUR favorite! Vote on KEG's video and pick up a copy of The 4 Hour Work Week here:

KEG/Triple Sixes Tour!!!

KEG is kickin' off 2010 and his new album release with a West Coast Tour w/ The Triple Sixes! Triple Sixes features members of Go Like Hell, Sorry And The Sinatras, The Jet City Fix, and Witchburn! Here's the current KEG/Triple Sixes Tour Dates:

1/9/10-Winterland, Bremerton, WA

1/21/10-Double Down Saloon, Las Vegas, NV

1/22/10-Angels Roadhouse, Yucaipa, CA

1/23/10-Cat Club, West Hollywood, CA

Get the latest scoop on the KEG/Triple Sixes Tour here:

New Vids...

We've added a TON of new videos in the KEG TV section! Check them out here:

KEG New Year's

"Thank you to everybody who came out and PACKED and ROCKED the Tiger Lounge New Year's Eve with me! Everyone that came got to see a HELL of a show with a fresh, extended new KEG show PACKED with EIGHT songs from my brand new album, "The Lone Ranger Of Rock"!

There was also a wardrobe malfunction. Everyone that came to the KEG New Year's Bash also got to see a little more of me! I TOLD them they'd get their money's worth!

Cheers to the new year and for making the 00's send-off such a smash! You Rock!"


KEG New Year's Eve 2009/2010 Setlist:

Get It Up

Pistols N Pesos

Red Lips Red Eyes Red Stockings

Magic Hour

Sugar Cane Girl

Over N Over

20th Century Boy

Bring Back The Rock

KEG would like to thank: Danger Dayne, Space Cretins, Spiderface, The Tiger Lounge, Cleo, Thom Bone, The F-Holes, Uncle Bling, Ben, Bob, and all of our fantastic friends and KEGAHOLICS that packed and rocked and made the show the milestone that it was! Thank you!

Get KEG's new album HERE:

12/30/9: Presents:


End The Decade With KEG!

Feat. KEG, Space Cretins, The F-Holes, Spiderface

NO Lame, over-priced acts!

NO Lame people!

NO Watered-Down, over-priced Drinks!


Stiff Drinks ALL NIGHT!

Only Eight Bucks!


Watch KEG on "Cookalong With Gordon Ramsay!"

KEG has made his FOX debut on Gordon Ramsay's brand new show, with special guests Whoopi Goldburg, Cedric The Entertainer, Allyson Hannigan, Leann Rimes!

See The Lone Ranger Of Rock in the opening credits representing Seattle:

Special Thanks to Stan for spotting this!


Working for Muse Tonight! Who's going to Deck The Hall Ball?


Thank you Hollywood! Can't wait to see you again! Thanks to Ron Jeremy for coming to the show last night!




Aced the Cat Club show last night! Thanks to all of my L.A. friends for showin' the love! Can't wait to get back here again!



Just ran into Slash last night! Anything can happen in Hollywood. The KEG show at Cat Club is gonna kick ass tomorrow!




The new album from KEG: The Lone Ranger Of Rock is finally here!

For a limited time only, KEG's new album is available for download from THIS website for only ONE dollar!

KEG's kickin' the recession's ass and putting a KEG album in every stocking this year by offering up his new

11-song full-length for only a buck!

How cool is that?

If that ain't enough, when you purchase KEG's new inexpensive album, you also get to download a 32 Page

Full-Color Hi-Resolution Album Booklet that you can print out on your personal computer!

If that ain't enough, purchase KEG's new album before 1/1/10 and get automatically entered for a chance to win a KEG performance in your city! That's right, if you win, The Lone Ranger Of Rock will pack his bags and rock the town you live in!

So what are ya waiting for?! Get KEG's new album now:


Breaking Bad News Everybody!!!

The Bit Saloon is HISTORY. Closed for good. May she rest in peace.

KEG was booked to rock the FINAL FINAL FINAL Bit Saloon show tonight with Death Valley Murder Squad, but unfortunately, The Bit has shut the doors. No KEG show tonight. KEG is sorry for any inconvenience.

KEG recommends going to check out SPIDERFACE tonight at Slim's Last Chance.

Thanks to everyone who came out and PACKED Goofy's tonight! KEG gave Goofy's a special surprise when he joined Stitch In Time onstage to perform "Wang Dang Sweet Poontang" and "Cat Scratch Fever" by Ted Nugent!!

If you missed to be you!

No, but seriously...Danger Dayne caught the whole performance on camera. We'll be uploading it to youtube soon! See, we ALWAYS look out for ya!

Danger Dayne (Space Cretins, Spiderface) and Daniel (Slackhabit) joined KEG onstage for double-drumming action for "Bring Back The Rock" Kick-ass, guys!

Don't miss the excitement! Catch KEG: The Lone Ranger Of Rock when he comes to your town! KEG will be in Hollywood next weekend!

Special Thanks: Stitch In Time

Don't Forget! KEG's new album drops Tuesday (12/1/9!) at! It's only a buck for 11 songs!


NEW KEG ALBUM 12/1/9!!!

BIG NEWS everybody!

KEG: The Lone Ranger Of Rock is releasing his much-anticipated new full-length album exclusively on 12/1/9!!!

Here's the best part...the new album will only cost a buck!

That's right. One dollar.

KEG's rock-kickin' the recession with a full-length, 11 track album available for download 12/1/9 on for only $1!

If that's not enough, The Lone Ranger Of Rock is also including a downloadable graphics with the purchase!

You can't beat that!

Next Tuesday, 12/1/9, KEG: The Lone Ranger Of Rock will release his highly anticipated new album, and you can get it HERE for only $1!!!

See ya next Tuesday!


"The Lone Ranger Of Rock"

Track Listing:

1. The Lone Ranger Of Rock

2. Red Lips Red Eyes Red Stockings

3. Drive Me Wild

4. Sugar Cane Girl

5. Magic Hour

6. Get It Up

7. Over N Over

8. Pistols N Pesos

9. 20th Century Boy

10. Bad Girl

11. Bring Back The Rock

First edition will be released 12/1/9 for download for only $1. Downloadable graphics included with album purchase. Rock the recession!


Space Cretins kicked ass last night! Best show of theirs I've ever seen! Awesome, tight show! Great set! Thanks for lettin' me hop up on stage and sing "Whiskey And Leather"! I'm getting used to the idea of Space Cretins headlining the Showbox!

Jupiter Crash went out with a bang! AWESOME SHOW! We're gonna miss those guys, but we'll be seeing them soon when KEG rocks Sin City again! Good luck to them!

Don't forget! Very special KEG announcement coming Tuesday!




Thank You to all of the kick ass KEG believers who showed their support on the 19th! What a HELL of a party! Thank you!

KEG made a very BIG announcement at the party. If you were there, you got to hear some groundbreaking news on the Lone Ranger Of Rock. If you weren't, you'll have to wait until TUESDAY to hear the news! Check back on on Tuesday for a BIG announcement!

Go see Space Cretins at Showbox Market in Seattle tonight! Rock The Area!



Hollis and KEG Anniversary Party TONIGHT at Bit Saloon! 10pm w/ KEG, One Legged Bandit, Maklak, and Muldoon! Let's celebrate!


KISS was amazing! One of the best shows I've ever seen! Just got another KEG SoCal show added!




"An amazing friend. An amazing drummer."


Who's your favorite band based in San Francisco? Let me know:



Happy Veterans Day!

Did you hear what Steven Tyler said?:

"Joe Perry, you are a man of many colors. But I, motherfucker, am the rainbow!"

That is the BEST ever!

Congratulations to Aerosmith for workin' it out!



Shhh... KEG's recording parts for Tommy Lee's new album!


Amazing Comedienne Jen Seaman asked me to be a surprise judge for the 2009 Seattle International Comedy Competition tonight at Fairhaven in Bellingham.

Great club. Look forward to rockin' there. Very talented comedians. Laughed my ass off and had a blast. Thanks for all of the KEG jokes!



Just did some camera work for Space Cretins' new music video! It turned out BAD ASS! New KEG Album is FINISHED! Getting mastered next week!




The Lone Ranger Of Rock will return to the famous Cat Club December 5th! Get ready, Hollywood! KEG is BACK!

Check back on for the latest updates on KEG's Hollywood Adventures!


KEG hopes you had an AWESOME Halloween!!!

THE BIT SALOON IS SAVED!!! is happy to inform you that The Bit Saloon is staying open!

Disaster struck Ballard recently when The Bit announced that they were shutting its doors for good. A star-studded benefit featuring KEG, Rat City Ruckus, Death Valley Murder Squad, Witchburn, Plaster, The Jet City Fix, Triple Sixes, Badlands, and Kings Of Outlaw Country commenced. Seattle's best had some of their groundbreaking shows at The Bit, so they all rushed to pitch in and help out.

Their efforts must have helped as The Bit has announced that they're staying open!

Long Live The Bit Saloon!


The Lone Ranger Of Rock was honored to be invited to close out the evening after the final run of the sold-out "Chariots Of Rubber." KEG rocked a special lengthy set for his kick-ass Portland friends! "Chariots Of Rubber" ROCKED! Thank you Portland for having KEG back! It's been too long! KEG can't wait to see you again!

Special Thanks: Diamond Tuck


Check out this awesome Guitar Doug Write-Up on The Lone Ranger Of Rock here:

Guitar Doug Rocks!

Thanks to everyone who ROCKED Saturday at The Central for The Seattle Sinner Bash!

Thanks to: Guitar Doug, Creem City, Badlands, High Clss Wreckage, The Central, Dicky.




KEG is thrilled to rock The Seattle Sinner Bash 10/17/9 at The Central in Seattle!

KEG rocks with High Class Wreckage and Badlands (featuring members of Valkyries!)

Don't miss this star-studded event!


Due to overwhelming response, Jimmy Flame & The Sexy Boys have brought The Lone Ranger Of Rock back to rock The Funhouse with them 10/10/9. Don't miss this kick-ass show!

Jimmy Flame & The Sexy Boys ROCK!!!


KEG would like to thank all of the kick-ass Seattle music fans who joined him for the 2009 Seattle Weekly REVERB Festival in Ballard. Without you REVERB wouldn't be possible.

KEG pulled double duties rockin' The Bit Saloon Stage earlier in the day, then hosting The Tractor Tavern Stage with the lovely Jen Seaman in the evening.

REVERB FEST ROCKED AGAIN! Check out the highlights HERE

See ya next year!

Thanks to Jen Seaman, Seattle Weekly, Kwab, Red Stag, Steinlager, KNDD, KEXP, Eddie, Bit Saloon, Tractor Tavern, Hallways, Southside, Brent Amaker, Fences, Raggedy Anns, Widower, Eldrige Gravy, Staxx Bros, Maldives and all of the kick ass bands who rocked REVERB 2009!


KEG was honored to rock one of the largest rallies in the world, The 2009 Oyster Run!

KEG's friends Paddlewack tapped KEG for the blazin' show performed in the lawn of Westedge Cycles!

Thanks to the hundreds of riders that caught KEG's afternoon set and thanks to Paddlewack and Westedge Cycle! Ride on!


September marked KEG's debut in The Land Of The Rising Sun.

The Lone Ranger Of Rock was thrilled to rock Tokyo and party with the Japan KEG Fans.

Japan rocks!

KEG looks forward to seeing you again!

Thank you Tokyo!

Special Thanks to Baby, Henry Rollins, Crest Hotel, Rock Bar, Reggae Bar, The Basement, Sony Records Japan.


At the end of his famed audition, he said he'd be back. Now he got his chance.

KEG returned to televisions across the world September 16th after NBC brought him back to rock the Season Finale of the Summer's BIGGEST Show!

The Lone Ranger Of Rock teased the audience with a taste of track "Drive Me Wild" from his upcoming new album on live television and was honored as a 2009 Season Audition Allstar after his memorable appearance.

KEG shared the stage with America's Got Talent's Top 10 Finalists, including season winner Kevin Skinner, as well with Shakira, Rascal Flatts, and Thelma Houston.

KEG would like to thank NBC, Nigel, Brian, The Judges, Drew, Joy, The Top 10 Finalists, The Fellow Audition Allstars, and America for the awesome time.


Due to overwhelming response, AC/DC returned to Tacoma Dome for a second show on their successful Black Ice World Tour.

The Lone Ranger Of Rock was spotted in attendance.

KEG partied it up with fellow AC/DC fans to all of their hits. KEG was later spotted partying with Danger Dayne from Space Cretins fame and US Micro.


The Lone Ranger Of Rock stopped by QWEST Field on the Seattle stop of the biggest tour of the summer, Kenny Chesney's Sun City Carnival Tour.

KEG partied with country superstars Kenny Chesney and Edward Montgomery of Montgomery Gentry.

Kenny rocks!


Check out KEG's first interview since his legendary appearance on the latest season of NBC's America's Got Talent.

Seattle Rock Legend Paul Ace Diamond Huggy Blow of Space Cretins.

In this exclusive Huggy Interview, Diamond gets down and dirty and to the bottom of what went on behind the scenes during KEG's performance on the summer's biggest television show.

Check it out here.


Happy Birthday KEG!


Watch the Season Finale of NBC's America's Got Talent TONIGHT! 8pm ET/7pm CT/8pm PST!

You WON'T be disappointed!

KEG rocks Japan next week! The Land Of The Rising Sun will finally meet The Lone Ranger Of Rock in person!

Check back this week for more news!



Check out The Lone Ranger Of Rock's appearance on music marketing guru David Hooper's Radio Show:

David and KEG discuss the David's effective signature "Time Release Press Kit" (KEG comes in at about 20:00)

David Hooper is the author of "How I Make $100,000 A Year In The Music Business" and most recently "The Rich Switch" Check out David's priceless advice at

"How To Sell More Music, Get More People To Shows, And Make Money In The Music Business"







Don't Get In The Van With KEG T-Shirt

You've been warned. White Silkscreen on Black Fabric



Watch for KEG: The Lone Ranger Of Rock TONIGHT on NBC's America's Got Talent!



Hey Team!

Feast your eyes on the new website!

And that's not all!

There's a new SONG!

There's a new SHOW!

AND There's a new SHIRT!

Click on em to check em out!

There's even BIGGER news, so check back later today!

Be back shortly!




KEG rocks Sin City THIS Thursday, May 21st to kick off the 2009 Memorial Weekend!

Kick out your tailgates and grab a drink, Team, cuz party time is HERE and KEG's startin' the party right!

Don't miss KEG THIS Thursday at The Double Down Saloon in Las Vegas!!!

Las Vegas KEG fans are in for a real treat!

Thursday is the NEW Friday!

Let's rock!

Wanna party with KEG in Vegas? Hit him up 425-773-4KEG


THANK YOU TEXAS for making KEG's magnificent return the most explosive, action-packed, rip-roarin' wild honky tonk party EVER!!!


The Lone Ranger Of Rock CAN'T WAIT to return to The Lone Star State! KEG will see ya soon!

Thanks to: Baby, Space Cretins, Paul Diamond Blow, Danger Dayne Bam Bam, Scotty Astronauty, Danny Heartthrob, Richie Wristrokitt, Clayton, Cass, Headhunters, Looney, Billy, Austin TX, Dixie's, Natchut, Trashy & The Kid, Lynique, San Antonio TX, Kristen, Lisa, Uncle Dan, Zeerok, Iron Cobra, Whataburger, Big Red, Lone Star Beer, Coors Light, Jack Daniels, Jose Cuervo, Tecate In A Can.



The moment you've all been waiting for is here:

The Lone Ranger Of Rock returns to Texas THIS WEEKEND!

KEG returns to the state he was born in TODAY for two EXPLOSIVE shows with Space Cretins!

Don't miss KEG & Space Cretins

FRIDAY May 8th @ Headhunters in Austin

SATURDAY May 9th @ Dixies in San Antonio


For more information on KEG's Texas Invasion, please visit The KEG Shows Page.

Wanna party with KEG in Tejas? Hit him up: 425-773-4KEG


Follow KEG On Twitter...

The Lone Ranger Of Rock is now a full-blown, bona fide Twitterholic!

This weekend, KEG has joined the ranks of Twitterdom as fans

flock to follow The Lone Ranger Of Rock.

KEG quotes:

"I signed up a Twitter account hoping to use it in the future to update everyone on what I'm doing.

I woke the next day with tons of followers. I decided that I'd better go ahead

and get started Tweeting."

Follow KEG's Twitter for up-to-the-minute (and often hilarious) updates about what KEG is doing!

Follow KEG on Twitter now!

New Album Update...

KEG has announced that the recording for his highly anticipated new album will conclude at the end of April (YES!!!)

The Lone Ranger Of Rock is on the final stretch of tracking (industry lingo for recording parts) and is refining

and polishing the final parts which he will record in the next two weeks

After recording is finished, the mixing process will begin, which The Lone Ranger was quoted to saying

"shouldn't take longer than a week."

Are we THIS close to hearing new KEG music, kids?

This is the moment we've all been waiting for!

Check back soon for what is hopefully the FINAL update on the recording of

KEG's new album.

Otherwise, we'll start calling these posts "The Latest On KEG Democracy."

Snap to it, Lone Ranger!

KEG Returns To The Lone Star State!

KEG will return to his home state of Texas NEXT month for a string of

tour dates w/ fellow Jet City Rockers, Space Cretins!

KEG comments on The Texas Tour:

"I am thrilled to get back to Texas and see all of my family and friends

and ROCK!

I'd like to thank the Space Cretins for giving me this opportunity."

KEG will rock Austin May 8th and San Antonio May 9th!

Special Thanks to Richie Wristrokitt for setting up the tour. Texas here we come!

The Lone Ranger Of Rock is originally from Dallas. If you'd like to book KEG in Dallas

while he's down there,

please contact KEG:



If that ain't enough excitement, KEG will rock Sin City May 21st w/

Sir Mark The Poet at The Double Down Saloon!

KEG LOVES Vegas and can't wait to rock!

"It's always a blast rockin' Vegas. I can't wait to rock kick in the adult


Thanks to Sir Mark The Poet and The Double Down Saloon for giving me this opportunity."

KEG is currently looking for more Vegas and Hollywood dates for the weekend of May 21st.

If you'd like to book The Lone Ranger Of Rock in Sin City or Hollywoodland,

contact KEG:



Waiting On The New KEG Album Is Like

Holding It When You Have To Pee...

KEG's Gettin' A Van And Takin' Care Of Shit...

Hey Team!

KEG's been workin' extra hard getting everything set up for his new album release with a tour to follow!

Here's a few updates:

KEG is finishing recording his next album. It will be all wrapped up in three weeks.

KEG has returned his road-warrior queen tour bus, The Peggy, and is currently shopping for a van.

KEG is overseeing new t-shirt designs. New t-shirts coming soon!

KEG is inquiring more tour dates in the near future!

KEG was in Hollywood last weekend to discuss "sensitive secret business", as The Lone Ranger puts it, having to do with the upcoming record!

Get ready Team! These are exciting times! Check back soon on! More news and progress coming soon! Hang in there! This is gonna fuckin' rock!

Catch KEG THIS Saturday at The Merchant Cafe in Pioneer Square and tell him to hurry up and finish that new album! Waiting to hear that thing is like holding it when you have to pee! Let's go, Lone Ranger!

KEG Parties w/ Bret Michaels in Hollywood...

The Lone Ranger Of Rock shocked the sleaze-glam capitol of the world last weekend as he made a surprise appearance at the legendary Rainbow on Sunset Blvd!

If that wasn't enough...KEG's idol soon stole his thunder!!!

Rocker Of Love BRET MICHAELS soon arrived at the legendary Hollywood rock hotspot and proceeded to party it up with The Lone Ranger Of Rock.

Plenty of photos (and shots!) were taken!

KEG surprised citizens of Hollywood as he stormed into The Rainbow. The fun was far from over. Soon afterwards, The Rainbow got a bigger treat as glam-legend Bret Michaels rolled in, and proceeded to party it up with KEG.

It didn't take long for the photography flashes to fire, and The Lone Ranger Of Rock soon made his exit with Hollis in tow.

Sources say that The Lone Ranger Of Rock had flown into Hollywood the night before to conduct "sensitive secret business" for upcoming KEG projects.

Sources also show that  Guns N Roses/Velvet Revolver guitarist Slash was at the airport at the time KEG arrived.

What's KEG up to?

Check back soon for the latest scoop!

Thank You!!!

"Hey Team!

Thanks for coming and having us at these recent AWESOME shows! This is just the start! More fun is on the way!!!"


KEG would like to thank: El Corazon, Wednesday 13, Dana, Daynger, Baby, Stephen Pearcy, Jet City Fix, Atomic Outlaws, Space Cretins, Jack Daniels, Lee, The Whisky Bar, Lou, Krissy Diamond, Dick Whiskey, Jeff, Jeff, Joe, Zach, Devona, Pleasure.



What's KEG doing?

Hey Team!

You're probably wondering what The Lone Ranger Of Rock has been up to...


KEG's been working night and day wrapping up the recording of his much-anticipated new album!

The phenomenal new full-length will be jam-packed with KEG fan favorites.

You may have heard KEG teasing you with some of the new songs at his recent shows.

The good news is The Lone Ranger Of Rock is on the home stretch to finish up the final product.

"We're closing in on the completion of the recording. These final parts will push the limits and raise the bar sonically so I'm taking extra time to make sure the parts are perfect." says KEG.

The world can't wait to hear it. Hurry up KEG!

Check back on soon for the big news!


KEG just completed a string of amazing shows in some of his favorite places to play in front of some of his favorite friends.

"Every show, every song, every lyric, and every rock kick executed reminds me of how grateful I am to get to do what I love and rock for the best people in the world. Thank you. We couldn't bring back the rock without your support."

Thanks: Baby, DWK, Penny, The Central, Dickie, Machine Gun Eddie, Fat Cat, Winterland, Tony, Micah, Mykey, Mike, Alex, Queen Jason, Branden Daniel And Everybody Gets Laid, GG Chaos, Sir Mark The Poet, Gladiators Eat Fire, El Corazon, Dana, Wednesday 13, Neon Nights, Valkyries, KISW, KEXP, Funky Monkey, Jolene, Kevin Cole, James Hunnicut, The Motor, Cleopatra, Bobby, Daynger Van Strider, Petibone, Jade & Sam Thank you!


KEG Rock Kick Video Contest!

Take a video of yourself with your camera or your cameraphone pulling off KEG's signature rock-kick and send it to us for a chance to win a Lone Ranger Mask and an autographed picture of KEG!

Show us what ya got!

Email your submissions and your name to:

No purchase necessary. Deadline is 2/1/2009.

Does your phone not take video? Fear not, friends! Read below!

Watch KEG on your Blackberry...

Attention Team!

If you're rockin' the popular Blackberry Curve 8320 and you're bummed 'cuz you can't catch your favorite KEG videos, be bummed no more!

RIM has released a FREE upgrade which enables your phone to watch AND record video, as well as an updated browser!

Download it now! It's like a new phone!

Then, watch your favorite KEG videos on your Blackberry!

AND record yourself doing KEG's signature Rock-Kick for a chance to win a Lone Ranger Mask and an autographed picture of KEG!

Send your submission and your name here:


2009 is our year to shine and KEG continues to shine on with even MORE exciting shows comin' your way!

Just added is a TWO-NIGHT Stay at Seattle's legendary Central Saloon, KEG opening up the reunion of Seattle cult band Chuck Yay-Garr at The Sunset (Tickets going FAST!) AND a Valentine's Day Show with Neon Nights and The Valkyries!

Join the party! Check the KEG Shows Page for the latest!

KEG Rocks with Space Cretins...

KEG dropped by Space Cretins' new studio last week and checked out their brand-new space-age setup.

KEG jammed with Daynger BAM BAM, drum commander for Space Cretins.

As we go to press, there's no word yet if the jam session got recorded. Check back on for the latest on KEG's visit to Space Cretins' Bunker.

Check out Space Cretins.

Thank you Marysville!

Thank you Marysville for the amazing, steamy Saturday night rockabilly hot rod birthday show that KEG was privileged to participate in!

KEG packed the house and rocked the roof off until the wee hours with an amazing collection of cool bands, hot rides, and great people!

Thank you!

Special Thanks: Allison, Moses, Jack.


Last Minute FREE All-Ages Show Tonight!

This is your lucky day!

The Lone Ranger Of Rock will ROCK a FREE ALL-AGES show tonight in Ballard w/ The Curbside Avengers!

It's all going down TONIGHT at BOP Street Records in Ballard at 8pm.

5219 Ballard Ave NW
Seattle, WA 98107
(206) 297-2232

Don't miss it!

*KEG*: The Lone Ranger Of Rock


Farewell Ron Asheton, Cabo Wabo Radio...

The punk-glam world has lost one of its pioneering shredders.

The Stooges' Ron Asheton has passed.

The Lone Ranger Of Rock was a huge fan of Ron's style.

KEG will rock "Raw Power", in Ron Asheton's honor at the next KEG Show.

"Raw Power honey just won't quit."

Thanks for the killer songs Ron.

And if that ain't bad enough, is bummed to announce that

Cabo Wabo Radio will cease to exist as of January 10th, 2009.

Cabo Wabo Radio had auditioned The Lone Ranger Of Rock to guest star on Cabo Wabo Live. KEG made an appearance in late November.

Sammy explains:

ďItís paradoxical that itís the success of the station thatís the problem. It has snowballed and grown so fast and gotten so big that it has demanded an ever-increasing level of participation from me. Iíve had to put on the brakes. Iím simply too over-extended. I have a new album, a new studio, tours, Cabo Wabo Cantinas, Cabo Wabo Tequila, we just opened our first Sammyís Beach Bar and Grill on Maui, and there have just become too many things demanding my attention. I try to give 150% of myself to anything I get involved with and I found I canít be there on the scale that this station deserves. I really regret having to prioritize things this way, but I havenít had time to participate so weíre going to put some things on hold.Ē

Read more and rock out to the final broadcasts of Cabo Wabo Radio HERE.

Thanks for the killer sounds and opportunities, Sammy and Shadoe!



Fuck yeah, Team! YOU know how to party!

Thanks for making the 2009 kickoff at The Funhouse the epic rockathon that it became.

Now THAT's how the first show of the year should be!

We're still buzzin' off of that.

If you missed it, you still have a chance to catch KEG 1/11 in Bremerton and 1/28 back in Seattle!

If you witnessed The Lone Ranger Of Rock's smokin' show, then that's only a TASTE of what's to come!

Get ready!

Read Money's review of the 2009 kickoff show HERE.



What a year this has been, Team!

100+ Shows.

3 Continents.

30,695 Rock Kicks.

The party keeps gettin' bigger and better, and I'd like to thank YOU for joining us!

Are you ready for the new album?!

There's a lot more excitement just around the corner. Hang on!

We're gonna shine in 2009!


PS: What would you like to experience from KEG in 2009?

Email KEG now-

MORE Shows!

The Lone Ranger Of Rock wastes no time riding into 2009, with a string of kick-ass January shows!

Let's kick the New Year off right and let's kick those Holiday Hangovers!

1/2/9-Space Cretins Record Release Party at The Funhouse, Seattle, WA

1/8/9-Whisky Bar-Seattle, WA

1/11/9-Neutralboy DVD Shoot, Bremerton, WA (All-Ages!)

1/15/9-Whisky Bar-Seattle, WA


1/22/9-Whisky Bar-Seattle, WA

1/29/9-Whisky Bar-Seattle, WA

1/31/9-The Beacon Pub with The Curbside Avengers!, Seattle, WA

There's more where that came from, Team! For the latest, visit the KEG Shows Page.



KEG South America...

The Lone Ranger Of Rock will travel South Of The Equator to rock the exotic continent with a string of appearances! Let's rock! Check the KEG Shows Page for the latest.

REVERB Recap...

KEG would like to thank Seattle Weekly and YOU for making this year's REVERBFest a HUGE success! KEG blew the Bit Saloon stage away with a packed house at the grand kickoff at 6pm. KEG ripped through a blazing set that left his hand cut open and his signature Lone Ranger boots demolished, building up to a grand climax leaving REVERB attendees speechless and craving more! Check out the REVERB Recap video with killer KEG footage HERE.

Thanks to everybody that left bad-ass comments on KEG's Youtube page. Check out KEG's Youtube page now and leave some comments! Let us know whatchu think!


KEG Thrown In Jail, Released In Time To Rock Funhouse and REVERB Fest...

After returning from his successful recent European Jaunt, The Lone Ranger Of Rock was surprised to find the cavalry waiting for him when he re-entered The United States.

It seems that The Lone Ranger Of Rock missed a court appearance, and The Court Of Seattle was not happy about it.

The Port Authority picked KEG up at Customs and gave him a new pair of bracelets as well as a courtesy ride to King County Detention Facility, where he got his picture taken AND received a new red jumpsuit.

KEG posted bail the same day, just in time to ROCK The Funhouse tonight and The Seattle Weekly REVERB Festival THIS Saturday!

Mugshots coming soon of The Outlaw Lone Ranger Of Rock.


Win Tickets To See KEG at Seattle Weekly REVERB Festival!

The 5th Annual Seattle Weekly REVERB Festival is coming up THIS SATURDAY, 10/4 Team, and to kick it off the party properly, KEG will be giving away tickets!

To be eligible to win, all you need to do is comment on one of KEG's YouTube videos.

Whoever leaves the best comment for KEG's video will win two tickets to Saturday's REVERB Festival!

All you have to do is comment for a chance to win! May the best comment win!

Comment NOW!

Winners will be notified THIS Friday (10/3) KEG will contact you through your Youtube account!

KEG's Cell Phone Stolen in Customs...

KEG's cell phone was stolen when he returned to the USA after his recent European jaunt. We apologize if you've been trying to get a hold of The Lone Ranger. It's been a pain in the ass. The KEG phone will be back online tommorow (10/2) If you need to talk to him before then, please email him at or speak to him face to face at The Funhouse tommorow!


The party never stops with The Lone Ranger Of Rock! Check out the Shows Page for freshly added KEG Rock Extravaganzas! Want KEG to play for you? Email Viking Management


KEG would like to thank his friends (longtime and new) for making his recent appearances in Europe and LA so exciting! KEG can't wait to see you again!

Special Thanks: Baby, Johnny Cat, The Renaissance, DWK


KEG in Eastern Europe!

The Lone Ranger Of Rock has made a surprise spontaneous jaunt to Eastern Europe for a string of shows and appearances.

As we write, KEG will definitely stop in Leipzig, Germany, Munich, Germany, Prague, Czech Republic, and Paris, France!

Check back on or the KEG Myspace page for the latest updates on KEG in Eastern Europe!

Gruesome Twosome For Life!


KEG has been tapped to rock the first annual Seattle Weekly REVERB Festival!

Seattle Weekly has hand-selected the local artists that impact the Seattle music scene and KEG has been chosen!

60 acts will perform at REVERB Festival in downtown Ballard 10.4.2008. Tickets are only 8 bucks!

Don't miss it!

KEG rocks REVERB Festival on the ROCK Stage at Bit Saloon in Ballard at 6pm 10.4.8. Let's rock!

Look for KEG in upcoming issues of Seattle Weekly covering REVERB Festival!


KEG Rocks New York City!

The Lone Ranger Of Rock will make his Big Apple debut THIS WEEK for a string of appearances in the city that never sleeps.

NYC KEG fans are in for a treat!

Check and KEG's Myspace for the latest updates on New York City appearances!

KEG Studio Update...

"Hey Team!

The new album is coming together quickly. It sounds PHENOMENAL! I can't wait for you to hear it.

Viking Management and I have revised the album deadline.

We both agreed that if it takes me a lil' longer to make the new record bad-ass, then the wait is well worth it!

I'll have more good news for ya soon.

Bring Back The Rock!"


NEW SHOWS, KEG opens for Vains Of Jenna...

More shows have been added to the non-stop party that is the 2008 Lone Ranger Of Rock World Tour!

KEG's added dates in NEW YORK CITY, a few benefit shows, AND a return to Bellingham when school's back in session!

The next one is THIS WEEK 8/13. KEG will open for Vains Of Jenna! You've seen the Sweedish glam sensations on Viva La Bam or the recent RATT/POISON tour!

KEG rocks with Vains Of Jenna THIS Wednesday, 8/13 at O' Toole's in Lakewood, WA. This show is All-Ages and KEG's kickin' off the party! Don't miss it!

Check Out New KEG Live Footage...

Check out the hot new footage of KEG's recent rockin' show on Pier 66.

You can FEEL the pouring rain and rock kicks right from your computer!

Check out KEG's live videos now!

Special thanks to Baby.

Thank You!

KEG would like to thank all of his friends for coming out, rockin out and making his recent return to Whidbey so special! Thanks again! Special thanks to Steve and OHT.

KEG would also like to thank TechReady for inviting him to play their fantastic conference at Pier 66! You guys know how to party! Special thanks to Paul Jensen.

KEG would also like to thank Local Chaos and The Quarterback's crew for making KEG's first trek to Bellingham so special! Special thanks to The Heat Rays and The Peggy Homeys.


Hey Team!

KEG's wrappin' it up in the studio this weekend.

Check out these bad-ass new videos from KEG's recent show at Pier 66 on YouTube.

KEG will return shortly with exciting news on the new album!


KEG Returns To Whidbey Saturday!

This Saturday, Whidbey Island's in for a real treat.

KEG makes his return to rock The Oak Harbor Tavern THIS Saturday 7.26!

KEG kicks it off at 8:45 and The Skexies, The Contra, and Human Infest are also rockin!

Don't miss KEG's rare return to Whidbey THIS Saturday!

Let's rock!

KEG w/ The Skexies,The Contra and Human Infest

Oak Harbor Tavern

Sat. 7.26 8:45PM

940 SE Pioneer Way

Oak Harbor WA 98277

KEG in the studio!

KEG has been LIVING in the studio the past week recording the follow-up to last year's critically acclaimed "Audio Adrenaline."

Here's an update from the man himself:

Hey Team!

The new album is coming together very quickly. We spent a TON of time preparing for this album and it's paying off enormously.

This is BY FAR my FAVORITE recording session to date AND the songs are phenomenal! I can't wait for you to hear it!

At this pace, we should be wrapped by the end of July!

Bring Back The Rock!


KEG Survives Tour Bus Disaster...

The Lone Ranger Of Rock was riding out into the sunset in his prestigious motor coach when the brakes suddenly went COMPLETELY out on I-5 Southbound.

We're not talkin' brake fade either, Team. There was NOTHING! No brakes. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Zero.

AND no E-Brake!

The Lone Ranger Of Rock rustled the raging bull off the road to safety.

No one was injured, no vehicles were damaged, and The Lone Ranger Of Rock walked away without a scratch.

Highway Patrol and the tow truck driver both told The Lucky Bastard Of Rock that it was a miracle that he was able to get the tour bus off the road alive and safe.

The tour bus is back to full strength after being in repaired for nearly two weeks by trained professionals.

More importantly, our KEG is alive and well and kickin' ass! We've never been happier to report good news.


KEG WILL NOT Be Appearing At The Bit Tonight...

If you were planning on checking out KEG tonight at The Bit Saloon...DON'T!

KEG will not be performing at The Bit Saloon tonight.

The promoter that had previously booked KEG at The Bit is no longer working with the venue.

Sorry for any inconvenience. KEG loves rockin' The Bit and looks forward to getting back into The Bit Saloon again soon!

Check the KEG Shows Page for the latest updates!


KEG Loses His Contacts, Gains Management...

Hey Team!

Hope you had a bad-ass 4th Of July Weekend!

KEG had a little TOO MUCH fun on the 4th, resulting in a broken cell phone!

The cell phone is NOT a guitar that can be smashed, KEG! Didn't you get the memo?

As a result, KEG has lost ALL of his contacts in the KEG phone.

If he hasn't called you, THIS is the reason why! The Lone Ranger Of Rock is NOT being a dick.

Give him a call or shoot him a text so he can save your number again. 425-773-4KEG(4534)

Sorry for the inconvenience.

And now for the BIG news...

KEG welcomes Viking Management to the party!

KEG has signed with powerhouse management group Viking Management, led by Erik Erikson, the well-connected, world-traveling representative of ROCK.

Erik will bring his experienced, aggressive "Viking" style of management to the round table, to further help blast The Lone Ranger Of Rock into the stratosphere!

The Lone Ranger Of Rock and The Viking are working closely together plotting the course for the next KEG adventure. KEG will hand over the reins to Erik and Viking for ALL booking and management matters beginning August 1st, 2008.

Erik will take care of ALL management and booking inquiries via the KEG email, Contact him to get your KEG!

These are exciting times, Team! Live it up!


Congratulations Doug and Penny!


After months of writing, rewriting, demo-ing, rocking out, smashing equipment, ripping pants, getting tossed out of bars, and waking up with headaches and mysterious bruises, KEG will FINALLY enter the studio July to record the much-anticipated follow-up to last year's "Audio Adrenaline."

A fine wine should NEVER be served before its time, and KEG is readily prepared to give you his BEST work to date.

The Lone Ranger Of Rock's latest release will be recorded on state-of-the-art equipment with a seasoned producer at an undisclosed location.

But the party doesn't stop here, Team. Mass improvements are being made to KEG's live show, as well as improvements for new album's distribution.

If you liked Shitfaced Radio, you're gonna LOVE what we have in store for you.

If you like KEG's current merch, you're gonna LOVE what we have in store for you.

If you like KEG's show, you're gonna LOVE what we have in store for you.

If you like KEG's music, you're gonna LOVE what we have in store for you.

This is our era, Team. Brace yourselves, cuz we're crankin' it up!

Bring Back The Rock!

Party With KEG This Week, And Next Week, And The Week After...

If you're like us, it's tough trying to make it all the way to the weekend to party it up. It's even WORSE having to wait that long to catch KEG live.

Well wait no more, Team, as you can now party with KEG on a weekly basis!

On Wasted Wednesdays, party it up with KEG at The Little Red Hen on Woodlawn Ave in Greenlake-area Seattle. KEG will rock some of his favorite karaoke songs and party it up with host Dangerous Dan McKay. Enjoy Budweiser and Tequila specials!


On Thirsty Thursdays, catch KEG rockin' some acoustic songs at open-mic at The Whisky Bar on 2nd & Virginia in downtown Seattle. Hosted by Lou.

Break up the grind of the week and come party with KEG Wednesdays at The Little Red Hen or Thursdays at The Whisky Bar!

***Unless otherwise noted, KEG will appear weekly at these events. KEG WILL be there. It WILL be fun. These WILL NOT be your traditional plugged-in, balls-out, fully-equipped, over-the-top, extravagant KEG shows. Nothing beats those. To catch your favorite "traditional" KEG show that you know and love, please visit the KEG Shows Page.***


KEG's on Skype!

The Lone Ranger Of Rock now has a Skype account!

Add KEG on Skype and you can video chat with the wild man himself!

User: kegrocks

Experience KEG face-to-face from ANY internet connection around the world!

Brace yourself.

Skype is free. Get it now.

A lot of you have been asking "WHAT ELSE is KEG going to do with that webcam?"

More on that later...


KEG returns to the fabulous Sunset Tavern Tonight!

It's Friday Night.

It's Memorial Weekend.


KEG is returning to ROCK The Sunset Tavern in Ballard TONIGHT!

KEG and The Sunset are an excellent pair. Put the two together and you get one HELL of an UNBELIEVABLE show!

AND if that ain't enough, Supernauty, the famed Black Sabbath tribute will ALSO rock tonight!

Don't miss it!

KEG @ The Sunset Tavern TONIGHT 10PM

5433 Ballard Ave NW

Seattle 98107


Budweiser will be sponsoring the show at The High Dive tonight!

We have Budweiser.

We have KEG.

Get ready for one HELL of a party!

Also rockin are The Blue Ribbon Boys, Boot Liquor, The Heat Rays, and Sir Mark The Poet!

Don't miss it! Celebrate Wasted Wednesday tonight w/ KEG.

*KEG*: The Lone Ranger Of Rock

Budweiser and Local Chaos Presents:
The Blue Ribbon Boys
The Heat Rays
Boot Liquor
Sir Mark The Poet
Tonight 9pm The High Dive
513 N 36th St. #G
Seattle WA 98103


KEG & Neutralboy in Bremerton TODAY!

Hey Team!

I know you LOVE surprises, and I have a HELL of a special surprise for you today!

Come down to Bremerton's Ploy Studios TODAY at 6pm for an extra special, extra rare, extra rockin' KEG & NEUTRALBOY Welcome Home Show!

The critically-acclaimed punk rockers from Bremerton, Neutralboy, have just gotten back from a very successful tour, and they're ending it on a high note tonight in their home town with The Lone Ranger Of Rock!

What's JUST as cool is that the show will be at Bremerton's Premier Screen Printing Studio, PLOY STUDIOS!

Join us for ROCK TODAY, 5/18 6PM at Ploy Studios in Bremerton!



KEG & Neutralboy TODAY 5.18 @ Ploy Studios, Bremerton. 6pm

609 4th ST

Check out Neutralboy-

Check out Ploy Studios-


KEG Under-Age Fun...

Tonight, KEG will make his much-awaited return to Redmond's Old Firehouse Teen Center to ROCK the All-Ages rock n rollers!

KEG is THRILLED to be back at OFH again after his fabulous track record with the legendary venue, and he can't wait to rock the kids!

Don't miss this rare special early All-Ages KEG show tonight at OFH. This show will help support The Teen Center AND All-Ages KEG Shows don't happen often enough!

See you tonight!


KEG w/ The Curbside Avengers @ Old Firehouse Teen Center in Redmond

Show at 8:15. KEG headlines at 9:45 Always All-Ages!

Old Fire House Teen Center
15610 NE 79th St.
Redmond, WA 98052
[Office] 425.556.2370
[Fax] 425.556.4219


KEG rocks out with his cock out...literally...

As KEG ripped into his high-energy show at The Skylark in West Seattle last night, something else also ripped...the crotch of his pants. 

KEG's package proceeded to pop out and steal the show.

Sources say that the "trouser malfunction" occurred after KEG executed one of his signature "rock-kicks".

KEG covered his very breathable pants with red duct tape to finish the show.

Here are some comments from fans who witnessed the show:

"KEG LITERALLY rocked out with his cock out. What a rock star!"


"I knew KEG what a multi-instrumentalist, but I didn't think he'd pull out the ORGAN for this show."


"I went out to have a smoke and fuckin' missed it! FUCK!"


"I got more than what I paid for."


KEG was available for brief comment on the trouser malfunction:

"Good thing we weren't playing the Super Bowl. 93.2 Million viewers wouldn't have been as cool as The Skylark audience. The Skylark ROCKS!"

KEG will rock The Irish Emigrant (with a new pair of pants) tonight on University Way in Seattle at 10pm.


Sir Mark's Cinco De Drinko Burlesque Bash TONIGHT!

Happy Cinco De Drinko, team! I wish you a wild and crazy 5th of May.

The party is goin down TONIGHT at The Bit Saloon in Ballard. We have everything you need!

Sir Mark The Poet is bringin you THE ULTIMATE Cinco De Mayo party tonight at The Bit, with EIGHT of the hottest Burlesque performers, Drink Specials, and LIVE music from yours truly! Sir Mark The Poet will host the GIANT party showing off his signature scriptures!

Don't miss it!

Sir Mark The Poet's Cinco De Drinko Burlesque Bash w/ live music by KEG!

4818 17th Ave (& Leary) Seattle/Ballard

8:30pm-preshow meeting
9pm-KEG and Sir Mark intro
9:10pm-Scandal from Bohemia
9:20pm-Beautiful Disaster
9:30pm-Jacqueline Hyde
9:40pmLady Sparrow
9:50pm-Lucky Lucy O'Rebel
10pm-Lolita L'Amour
10:10pm-KEG & Sir Mark 1st set outro
10:40pm-Scandal from Bohemia
10:50pm-Beautiful Disaster
11pm-Jacqueline Hyde
11:10pm-Lady Sparrow
11:20pm-Lucky Lucy O'Rebel
11:30pm-Lolita L'Amour
11:40pm-KEG & Sir Mark outro

See ya tonight!


*KEG*: The Lone Ranger Of Rock


KEG Double-Penetration Tonight!

NO! We're not talkin' about The Lone Ranger Of Rock's infamous home videos. KEG will rock TWO killer shows TONIGHT! Don't miss this record-breaking spectacle!

First off, KEG will kick-off Jesce's Birthday Party at The Funhouse starting at 9pm, then, the party will move over to The Bit Saloon in Ballard for another KILER Local Chaos Production. KEG will rock The Bit Saloon at 11pm.

Catch KEG early, Pre-funk and catch him later, OR take The Team Shitfaced Challenge and catch BOTH shows! It's gonna be a HELL of a party and it's all goin' down tonight on this glorious May 3rd!

Expect some home videos to pop-up after tonight!

Attention Musicians: KEG's selling more KILLER GEAR! Check it out...

KEG's doing some Spring Cleaning and unloading more un-used gear to the masses. Check it out! If you're interested, get in touch with The Lone Ranger now, before it's all gone!

*KEG*: The Lone Ranger Of Rock



Happy May-Day, team!

I have a lot more fun surprises that I'm about to reveal to you. Check back soon!

Join me tonight at the 2008 Dead Baby Bikes International Independent Film Festival!

2407 1st Ave @ The Belltown Underground Exhibition Center!

Doors are at 7pm.

See ya soon!




KEG PA Speakers For Sale!

Attention Fellow Rockers:

KEG is unloading his 2 Giant Rock N Roll PA Speakers...for dirt cheap!

These babies are LOUD AS HELL, but The Lone Ranger Of Rock hardly gets to use 'em.

Most places KEG gets to play already have bad-ass sound systems, and The Lone Ranger Of Rock doesn't need to carry in any MORE gear!

Check 'em out. Let KEG know if you're interested:





2 Peavey TLS4X Pro PA Speakers. $500

 Each speaker has 2x15 woofers plus a horn. Superb sound quality and ultra sturdy build built to last. Super loud! 1000 watts. PERFECT for live, studio, or rehearsal use. Light weight. Easy to carry. There are carrying handles on each speaker.

Also included are (2) 50' gold speaker cables. Gold is the BEST conductor, carrying the best sound quality, and the cable length will make virtually ANY setup possible. A $100 value.

Thanks for looking!

I look forward to hearing from you! Get 'em while they're hot!




I'd like to thank our new friends who came and sipped chai and ROCKED with me last night at Mr. Spot's!

What's better than a FREE All-Ages KEG show?

A FREE All-Ages KEG show with a bad-ass crowd and two other rockin' bands!

Thanks again!

*KEG*: The Lone Ranger Of Rock

PS-My ass is healing nicely from busting it falling on the floor last night!

Special Thanks to: Mr. Spots, Sir Mark, Crowfoots, Laguna, RJB Photography, Brandee, Jessie, The Stranger, The Sinner, Jeremy, Cat, DWK, House White Wine, Simmons Drums, Behringer.

Check Out KEG's new show...

Check out the constantly improving, wild and crazy KEG show!

KEG's added MONSTER drums and new songs to the mix! See you next show!

Shitfaced Radio...

Yo Team!

If you haven't yet, be sure to check out the latest episode of Shitfaced Radio!

You'll love the latest episode, recorded live at Portland's Towne Lounge. It's out biggest episode yet, PACKED with killer tunes and crazy times!

We've listened to your suggestions to fine tune the show the way you like it!


Send me your requests, suggestions, and submissions-


Hey Team!


Here's a brand-new episode of Shitfaced Radio! Check it out now.

Join me THIS Friday at Mr. Spot's Chai House in Ballard.

It's FREE.

It's All-Ages.

AND Sir Mark and Laguna will also perform! Don't miss it!

FRI 4.18 KEG @ Mr. Spot's Chai House, Ballard

For more information, please visit the KEG Shows Page.




Hey Team!

It's been a while!

They say "Time flies when you're having fun."

Well, time's been flyin' like a mofo!

I promise to update you more often on upcoming news, but I'm sure I've gotten the pleasure of seeing a lot of you IN PERSON recently, as the party continues to ROLL, baby!

And if I missed ya, email me:

Don't be shy!



And now for the latest awesomest KEG news:


Remember a while back when we kicked-off Shitfaced Radio to rave reviews, then we didn't release anymore episodes?

I know, we're such a tease.

Well, KEG's disk drive broke on his computer, making it impossible to transfer the Shitfaced Radio files to you.

It was NOT because KEG spilled beer on his computer...

Anyways, the disk drive is fixed, and Shitfaced Radio has returned!

Starting Tax Day, (4/15) we'll unveil a brand new episode of Shitfaced Radio! That'll give ya SOMETHING to look forward to April 15th!

More new episodes are on the way with all the latest madness!

Get ready!

Check out the latest episode now...


The KEG party continues to roll with even MORE killer shows being added to The 2008  Lone Ranger Of Rock World Tour!

Jump on the bandwagon Team, cuz KEG's party never stops!


KEG's updated the show with brand new gear and song additions!

That's right, your favorite One-Man Butt-Rock Show got even BETTER!

KEG's added GIANT Arena Drums to the show that fit his stage persona perfectly!

We're talkin' like Alex Van Halen, Chris Slade, Bonzo-BALLSY drums!


AND The Lone Ranger Of Rock has once again fondled with the set list, throwing in some more tasty treats!

Witness the constantly and never-ending improvement of KEG's spectacular show at one of the next upcoming dates!

Check out the KEG Shows Page for the latest and JOIN THE PARTY!

Somethin' Brewin...

Speaking of spectacular shows, KEG's pleased to tease you with some exciting events he's working on, for your enjoyment.

We aren't gonna let the cat outta the bag YET. You'll have to check back soon for the latest dirt, but KEG's working on seperate sexy projects with these two entities:

__ __ __      __ __ __ __     __ __ __    __ __ __ __

__ __ __      __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __

KEG Family Jules...

KEG would like to thank Jules Maes, Local Chaos, and YOU for coming out and havin' a ball with us at Jules Maes Saloon recently!

KEG busted the D string opening the show with "Lone Ranger Of Rock."

With his backup guitar in the shop and the clock tickin', KEG decided to rough it, punk-rock style, and carry on rockin' the show!

The Lone Ranger Of Rock didn't miss a beat as he changed the ENTIRE set list to fit without the D string, wowing the crowd, and flying through the Finish Line on the seat of his ass!

This is what KEG said about the well-received, spontaneous show:

"It feels so awesome to know that even when the shit hits the fan, I'm still able to entertain my fans. It was a refreshing experience that I hope to NEVER do again, but I'm happy to know I can do this with one hand tied behind my back!."

Fuck yeah, KEG! Keep rockin!

Winterland: Twice Is Nice...

KEG would like to thank the awesome, sexy, supportive, party animals of Bremerton who showed KEG lots of love at his return to Winterland!

What a bad-ass show!

KEG rocked an EXTRA-SPECIAL set for Tony and The Winterland Crew, partied in The Peggy, and competed in a Shitfaced Pogo Championship at Ploy Studios! (Long story...)

Shitfaced Radio was there to capture the event! Check back soon as we bring the wildness to your doorstep!


Special Thanks to: Tony, Heather, Tony, Mikey, Mike, PLOY, Windy, Robs, Kevin.

Escape to the Peninsula and rock out at Winterland!


Lone Ranger Of Rock World Tour Kicks Off With A BANG!

KEG would like to thank Team members in Honolulu, Hollywood, Las Vegas, and San Francisco for helping make the first leg of the Lone Ranger Of Rock World Tour kick-off with a BANG!

KEG was greeted with unbelievable response!

The shows were great and the parties were greater!

Check back soon for photos and a tour recap!

KEG will be hittin' the road again soon! Check the KEG Shows Page for the latest.

Thanks again!




Due to an overwhelming response, KEG will now release a brand-new full-length packed with pure rockin' unreleased KEG music THIS year.

Check back soon on KEG's myspace for a release date announcement.

"Thanks for your input. Team Shitfaced has spoken! I appreciate your feedback and can't wait for you to hear the new album!"

-KEG, Feburary '08.

What's on your mind?  What would you like to hear? What's your fantasy? Write KEG now:

KEG is currently busting his ass putting together the new-full-length for you.

KEG loves you.



KEG is currently drinking/recording the new album at Queen Kampiolani Studios in Waikiki Beach, Hawaii.

Don't tell anyone. (Tell everyone!)

KEG's ACTUALLY getting a lot recorded. We're proud of him.

Is KEG disciplined?


Does he have more time to record since the bars shut down at 4AM h

KEG to ROCK with The Starfuckers!

KEG will return to Hollywood, the Glam-Holy Land, March 6th to rock The Cat Club!

He will open for the legendary Starfuckers: Dizzy Reed (Guns n Roses), Eric Dover (Alice Cooper, Slash's Snakepit, Imperial Drag) Prescott Niles (The Knack)

SO MUCH ROCK in one night! Expect to see Whitey Kirst (Iggy Pop, Web Of Spider) there as well as the lovely actress Sheila Redgate!


Shitfaced Radio....

I hope you're enjoying the ALL-NEW Shitfaced Radio, team!

If you haven't yet, download it now at

The latest episode features kick-ass interviews and music, as well  on-the-scene live at The FUNHOUSE in Seattle! Yeah!

If you're waiting for the next episode, have no fear!

We have more episodes "in the can" (industry lingo) however, my disc drive on my computer broke, so it's taking a lil' longer than expected to get it online.

Check back soon and we'll have the next episode up. I CAN'T WAIT for you to hear it!




Congratulations to Mike from Vancouver, BC for winning KEG's FIRST guitar and donating $158 to the Musicares Foundation!

Mike will also received an autographed photo of KEG, and a VIP pass to the KEG show of his choice in '08!

Thanks Mike for donating to such an awesome cause! Enjoy the guitar!

Today is a big day for Team Shitfaced!

We have two juicy bits of news to share with you (damn, this is gonna be a fun year!)

The first news is Shitfaced Radio is now airing! Get the first episode NOW.

Shitfaced Radio is being released in an easy-to-use "Episode" style format that can be downloaded directly to your computer or mp3 player.

Shitfaced Radio is totally free. One more cool thing about being a part of our team.

Dowload away!

The Second bit of news is even more exciting...

KEG will be releasing NEW MUSIC this year!

So WHAT is it?

A new full-length?

A new EP?

Another live disc?

A single?


This is the fun part...


The Team Shitfaced Music Club!

This exciting new way of distributing music will benefit you the best!

Here's how it works:

The 2008 Team Shitfaced Music Club will be released in 6 Volumes over 6 months.

Each month, the latest Volume will come to you packed with 4 BRAND NEW KEG songs, along with 1 song from KEG's out-of-print "Audio Adrenaline".

On top of that, each Volume will also include 10 songs from artists KEG personally recommends.


1 Out-Of-Print KEG Song

10 New Recommended  Artists' songs

15 Songs on each Volume!


This adds up to a total 24 BRAND NEW KEG songs, as well as 6 hard-to-find KEG songs, and 60 songs from hot KEG-recommended artists!

Not only will you get all of the killer new KEG music, but you'll also get the latest library of bad-ass up-and-coming bands!

Each month, get the freshness delivered directly to you!

Rock out to KEG's new cuts AND get the first listen on hot, new associated acts.

We're thrilled to deliver you this kick-ass new music in such a revolutionary format.

It truly is the music for the people...YOU!

Volume 1 of The 2008 Team Shitfaced Music Club will be released 3/23/8, with a new Volume coming out a month later, until the Grand Finale on 9/23/8: KEG's Birthday!

We know you'll love rockin to KEG's new sounds from the upcoming Team Shitfaced Music Club.

Pre-order The Team Shitfaced Music Club now and receive these special bonus gifts:

- Complimentary Ticket for you plus a guest to the VIP Kickoff Party.

- Limited Edition BONUS KEG Music Disc

- A Special Gift in each installment!

- Get your name printed in the liner notes!

- Companion Disc with each Volume w/ commentary by KEG (signed by KEG!)

- Receive it early. All pre-orders will be shipped prior to the release date (3/23/8)

KEG has enough new material here to release two albums.

Even buying all of these songs seperately would cost $30.00. And that's JUST for the KEG music.

We're giving ya 30 KEG songs, PLUS 60 recommended artists' songs AND a bunch of extras for only 10 bucks a Volume.

That's it.

KEG wants to make sure you get a whole lotta bang for that buck.

All pre-orders (made before 2/23) will get all of the bonus gifts listed above (worth more than the price of the Music Club alone!) AND get theirs shipped to them before the release date!

The pre-order price is the amount of the first Volume ($10) you won't be billed for the subsequent volumes until they come out each month.

All orders made after 2/23/8 will receive JUST The Team Shitfaced Music Club Monthly Volumes (5 KEG Songs, 10 songs by like-artists) with none of the bonus gifts.

That's STILL a great deal, but go for the gusto! Get it all!

Order now:

Name for Liner Notes: